Aden Seaman  BASc, MSc

Research Assistant
Motion Research Group
Systems Design Engineering

Email: anseaman [at] real [dot] uwaterloo [dot] ca
picture of aden

Research Experience:


  • High Voltage insulation
  • Micro Electro Mechanical Systems: mechanical filters and RF switches
  • Industrial robotic polishing and high-speed machine vision
  • Theoretical Superconductivity with experience in Raman Spectroscopy.
    • High performance computation and numerical simulation
PhD attempts:
  • Femotosecond coulomb-explosion molecular imaging.
    • Laser regenerative amplifiers and high-vacuum systems
  • Theoretical Superconductivity
    • Large scale parallel processing numerical simulations
Research Assistantships:
  • Bio-optics using lasers to measure ocular aberrations.
    • Adaptive mirror control, machine vision, laser optics


  • M.Sc 2003 - 2005 Physics, University of Waterloo, Ontario Canada.
  • B.A.Sc. 1998 - 2003 Honours Mechanical Engineering Co-op, University of Waterloo, Ontario Canada.

Areas of Interest:

  • Computational Physics
  • Optics
  • Electromagnetics
  • Mathematics
  • UNIX systems
  • High performance computation
  • Engineering


  • A. Seaman, J.B. Macpherson, E.F. Borra, A.M. Ritcey, D. Asselin, H. Jerominek, S. Thibault, and M.C.W. Campbell.  “Hartmann-Shack measurements of ferrofluidic mirror dynamics”. Proc. SPIE.  6796 (2007) 679603-1
  • A. Seaman, C.J. Cookson, J.B. Macpherson, E.F. Borra, A.M. Ritcey, H. Jerominek, S. Thibault, M.C.W. Campbell.  “Static and dynamic responses of an adaptive optics ferrofluidic mirror”.  Contributed paper in  Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine.  Imperial College Press:  2008
  • Jean-Paul Brichta, Aden N. Seaman, Joseph H. Sanderson.  "Ultrafast imaging of polyatomic molecules with simplex algorithm".  Computer Physics Communications. 180 (2009) 197-200


  • Seaman A, Aggarwal A, Mansour R. "Micromechanical Bandpass Filters", poster at CWMEMS conference, Ottawa, 2001
  • Seaman A, Aggarwal A, Mansour R. "MEMS RF Switches", poster at CWMEMS conference, Ottawa, 2001
  • Seaman A, MacPherson JB, Campbell MCW, Borra EF, Ritcey AM, Asselin D, Jerominek H, Thibault S. "Hartmann-Shack Measurements of Ferrofluidic Mirror Dynamics", presentation at Photonics North, Ottawa, 2007

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