Generational divide is exactly why we should build LRT

Light rail by azmichelle, on FlickrLetter to the editor, published in the Waterloo Region Record March 19, 2011

A common theme in the light rail transit debate is that many students and young professionals support it while many from the older generation are opposed.

I believe this generational divide provides a compelling reason to invest in light rail transit now. The transportation networks we build and maintain today are going to leave an impression for the next 50 to 100 years, not just the next 15. We need the foresight to build something that can be used not only by this emerging generation but by their children as well.

Today’s young adults are more likely to have a cellphone than a driver’s licence. This presents us with a unique opportunity to invest in a rapid transit system that will enable these young professionals to choose lifestyles that do not require a personal vehicle.

The alternative is continuing to use more of our tax dollars to support roads for single occupancy vehicles than viable and sustainable alternatives, forcing this next generation to make the same poor transportation choices as their parents. Let’s break the cycle of car-dependency here and now.

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