Parking ‘ticket’ for delivery trucks

Here’s your chance to do something when you see a delivery truck parked in the bike lane or on a sidewalk, but don’t have a lot of time to stick around and talk to the driver. Print out a couple of these ‘tickets’ to remind drivers of their responsibility on the road:

Click image for PDF

By-law enforcement contacts:

3 thoughts on “Parking ‘ticket’ for delivery trucks

  1. David Caldarelli

    Can you post phone/email for bylaw?
    I would like to participate in this, but when I’ve reported it before, it’s hard to get traction.

    Bylaw just says “it’ll probably be gone by the time we get there.”

    I think their employer knows full well of this and approves of it, since they pay any real fines the driver receives, since deliveries go faster that way. Cost of doing business, even though it’s selfish and wrong and worse forr overall traffic flow.

    1. Mike Boos Post author

      Certainly. I’ll add the contacts to the post.

      I take photographs so I can email them to the by-law office and to the employer. Sometimes, you can’t email directly with attachments, so I post the photos online somewhere (public shaming helps) and link to them in the message.

      I usually get a friendly response from the delivery company’s PR people saying that they want to comply with local by-laws and that they have contacted the manager. I never hear anything beyond that. Talking to the drivers themselves, they tend to have either an entitlement mentality or apathy. I’ve also taken to contacting the orthodontic clinic where I see many deliveries taking place, but they can do little more than talk to the drivers (who rotate frequently).


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