Archive of Animations and Videos

Computer Animations:

  • Tripod gait of 6-legged walking robot (Hexplorer) [2.2M avi courtesy of Nick Cristello]
  • Human gait model (on ground) [3.3M avi courtesy of Mike Peasgood]
  • Human gait model (on ice) [3.5M avi courtesy of Mike Peasgood]
  • Snaking motion of articulated forestry vehicle [1.5M avi courtesy of Nasser Lashgarian]
  • Flagellum motion (for swimming micro-robot propulsion) [1.6M gif courtesy of Thomas Uchida]
  • Tippe-top motion (to test contact dynamic algorithms) [1.8M avi courtesy of Yves Gonthier]
  • Slapshot robot (developed in Maplesim) [6.1M avi courtesy of Georges Guerette]