SYDE 750.9 - Physics of Acoustic Musical Instruments 
Stephen Birkett


SYDE 114
Systems Models I
Applied Linear Algebra
Musical Instruments

Marcia Hadjimarkos

Instructor: Stephen Birkett

Objectives: A survey of the physics of vibratory systems and application of the principles to modelling the mechanical and acoustic behaviour of musical instruments.

Simple oscillations. Continuous mechanical vibratory systems in one and two dimensions. Mechanical coupling. Sound waves and basic acoustics of vibratory systems in pipes and cavities. General principles in the design, function, and fabrication of acoustic musical instruments: strings, winds, and percussion. In-depth study of specific selected musical instrument(s) according to student interest. Relevance of material properties to acoustic and mechanical properties in high-quality musical instruments.

Fletcher & Rossing, The Physics of Musical Instruments, 2nd Edition. Springer, 1998. Additional material will be distributed.

Note: This course has been offered as a reading course. Material is currently being prepared with a view to offering it as a lecture format graduate course.

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